Friday, 29 December 2006


Up till now I had survived on the fuel I had loaded by jerrycan prior to the launch, but after a lot of motoring (400 Nmiles approx. 40-50 hrs) the tanks were getting near empty and it wastime to fuel up.
  1. Alcatraz has 3 tanks, the "Main" composite tank in the forward hold (220 liters), 2 "Day" tanks, SB & Port, mid ships within the furniture in the saloon. I fill the day tanks from the main tank and whilst the day tanks still hold 20 liters each, the main was empty.

On this occasion we loaded 100 liters into the day tank from the bowsers at the Gulf St Vincent marina.


Unknown said...

Welcome to the world of "blogs"....I was glad to learn that you have created this site.

Your comment on using polyurethane glue is spot on. I'm sort of wishing that I had found a substitute for the system three polyurethane glue I used on the port side hull foam. you are right, it's much easier to work.

I appreciate your information and posts as they provide much inspiration and energy to me for my f-44SC....Thanks.

Lance said...

Somwhere, I believe on the f-boat site, I have read that Gorilla glue is just as good on the foam to adhere the panels together. The big concern is getting good adherence with the laminate and the edge glue on the panels is more than sufficient since structural stress is on the face not the edges.

Lance said...

Hi Karel:
Glad to see you found this format to your liking. You can tweak the permissions to allow anonymous postings, or allow only members of this group to post comments. The only problem I have found so far is an inordinate amount of time to upload images. BTW, I just got back from visiting Don and his ship, Tiger in San Diego. Great trip. I will have to post to my page tomorrow though since it is already 01:00 AM.

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